Affiliate Marketing Tips – How To Succeed

I keep hearing stories about how people are struggling to make money through affiliate marketing. At first, I found this hard to understand because as a full-time Affiliate Marketer, all my websites are providing me with a steady income. I listened to these stories and realised that people were making the same mistakes over and over again so I decided to write this article and give some affiliate marketing tips to help you succeed in your Affiliate Marketing business. To get a more detailed article, you can sign up to our mailing list.

The first thing to do is to find a niche or product that you want to promote. At the time of writing, the health niche is very profitable. You can join an affiliate network like MarketHealth and choose a product from their list to promote. You can also try other networks like Commission Junction. You must do a little research on the product before you choose to promote it.

The next step is to find a good, reliable hosting company to host your website. I use Arvixe to host my websites and I find that their uptime is 99.9% as they advertise and they also have a very good customer service. Godaddy are also awordpress popular hosting company used by many affiliate marketers.

Once you have found a good hosting company, you’ll need to install a CMS. I use WordPress as do most marketers as it is easy to set up and use, you’ll beable to install it on your host using the Softaculous “one click install”. Once you’ve installed wordpres, you will need a good theme, you can use one of the free themes that you get with wordpress but I prefer to use a good quality theme to help showcase the product I am promoting, I think this is where most people go wrong. Genesis Framework have a good selection of wordpress themes that you can choose from.

Content & SEO

The next step is to find good quality content about your chosen product. You can write this yourself if you know alot about the product or you can get content written for you. The guys over at iWriter have been writing content for years and they have built up a list of competent writers, you can get an article written for as little as $1.25, I usually get 5 articles written for websites from the list of  Elite writers they have. Another good source for content is 99Centarticles.

Once you’ve got your content you will need to do some Onpage SEO, this Is where a lot on affiliate marketers fail. If you are new to search engine optimisation (SEO), there are plenty of plugins which will help you in this area. One SEO plugin which has been around for a long time and used by a lot of affiliate marketers is SEOpressor, this plugin will help you with all your Onpage SEO including title tags, descriptions, keyword density e.t.c, this plugin is a must. I will go through the Offpage optimisation and Linkbuilding in my advanced articles.

So there you have it! the basics of starting your affiliate websites on a sound footing, follow the above Affiliate Marketing Tips and you will be on your way to start making some money.


Affiliate Shops – Income Shops

Online stores are big business nowadays and we all dream of having our own store. The reality is that most of us can’t afford to setup and run an online store, the costs and overheads can be very high, especially if you have to keep stock. Here is where affiliate stores like Income Shops come in. With Incomeshops, you don’t have to keep stock.

All you need to do is create a website, use their powerful store builder to design and create your own online store, fill your store with products that are linked to major retailers and you earn a commission when someone buys any product on your store.

With NO TECHNICAL SKILLS, you can easily adjust the look of your store in seconds, ensuring it looks just the way you want it.
Next, all you need to do is Follow their proven STEP BY STEP TRAINING to start getting visitors to your store and earn money on any sales made. You can even use live chat to speak with their experienced support team.


What Customers Are Saying About What Customers Are Saying About Income Shops

“I bought a store a few weeks ago after a friend told me about them. I was a little worried that it would be too complicated. Well a few weeks on and I can tell you I have learned lots and had fun doing it. I love my shop and am just about to get the team to upgrade it with a nice design – I’ve found them to be very helpful and often available on live chat!”
Elizabeth Holzer


Affiliate stores can work for you and can be the start of you making money online. you must be prepared to promote your store through PPC programmes or search engine optimization skills. you can get all the SEO tips from this website or for more advanced SEO techniques, please sign up to my mailing list.


Product Of Your Own

This is where you have PLR (private label rights) products.

With this method, you get a full minisite template with a professionally written squeeze page, 4000+ word ebook, all the promotional graphics you would need plus PLR articles to help you market your website.
This method will make you more money online but i would say that it is more for the Intermediate marketer rather than the beginner.., I have used this method and found it works well when used with good Onpage and Offpage SEO.
Get your Instant Product Publisher now and start making money online!

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a very important part of any online business. You can easily showcase your products or your services to a mass of people now using YouTube as a search engine. YouTube Marketing will compliment your other online marketing and other SEO campaigns.

There are a number of Video makers on the market at the moment but the Video Spin Blaster Pro seems to have all what it takes to succeed.

If you are a video marketer on YouTube or on any other Video Directories then you need to take a careful look at Video Spin Blaster Pro.
Why is this…?

Using this software you will see a dramatically decrease in time spent creating and uploading videos.

Video Spin Blaster is capable of creating a 10 minute HD video in less then 10 seconds and the output file will be smaller then 1 MB… so you will need only a few seconds to upload it to YouTube. The best part is that from just a few slideshow images you can create hundreds of unique videos, all with 1 click.

This is for real!! I have tested it and I am still amazed by the results obtained with this tool!

Download Video Spin Blaster Pro and don’t miss out on the best Video Creation and Spinning software.

Video Spin Blaster generates hundreds of videos with the click of one button…

All you have to do is add some images to your project , select the number of videos you want to create and click on the generate button. It will automatically create different videos ready to be uploaded on YouTube.

This tool has been developed by Video Marketers for Video Marketers.



Another great Video Marketing Software which I use for all my YouTube video is VideoMakerFX, this is a very simple user friendly software which can create those very popular white board characters and slide shows with text and images.

If you are not using YouTube to market your products, you are missing out and losing money as you read this.



“The BIGGEST benefit of Video Maker FX, by far, is that it allows you to quickly flood the top video sharing sites with lots of engaging videos to increase your traffic, leads and sales.

And another huge benefit is being able to produce all these videos with virtually zero learning curve and at an extremely low cost…which allows you to focus even more on increasing traffic & earnings”.